Is this music safe?

Yes. It is perfectly safe. It has been widely played by parents, teachers, medical professionals, complimentary health therapists amongst others. No problems whatsoever have been reported.

Does this music contain any brain manipulation technology?

No. It has been created intuitively for the specific aim of bringing the listener to states of inner peace, relaxation and clarity.

Does this music use binaural beats?

No. This music has been produced free of any mind manipulation techniques. This music could be considered as the sonic equivalent of “organic additive free”

Is this music a form of hypnosis?

No. There have been NO hypnotic suggestions nor subliminal messages used in the production of this music.

Is this music good to play during pregnancy and what are the possible effects?

Absolutely and we encourage the use of peace inducing music for the unborn child in the womb. BrainHeart Music also benefits the expectant mother.

Are there any known adverse effects to listening to this music?

No. None have ever been reported.

Can I use this music and still take my medication?

Yes. This music does not interfere with the effects of pharmacological products.

How long do I have to listen to this music for it to have an effect?

The longer you listen to this music the more beneficial the effect. It has a cumulative effect upon the listener.

Has this music undergone any clinical trial?

We have numerous trials running and look forward to sharing with you the results.

Is this music safe for babies? What’s the youngest age that a child can listen to this music?

Yes. It’s very safe. Youngest age would be unborn.

I’m a school teacher, could this music be used in schools to help children relax and study?

Yes. It already is being used by some forward thinking teachers who have witnessed its calming effects upon their students.

Can I listen to this music whilst driving?

You can. However, it is advised that due to the extremely relaxing nature of this music it is strongly recommended that you do not carry out any tasks that require your complete attention and alertness whilst listening to this music. Please always use your own personal judgement.

Can I listen to this music whilst operating heavy machinery?

Again, due to the extremely relaxing nature of this music, it is strongly recommended that you do NOT carry out any tasks which require your complete alertness, attention and awareness.

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