BrainHeart Music saved my life

In May 2005, on my youngest daughters 6th birthday, my health and my life changed drastically. Unbeknown to me that was the last day of my career as a Social Worker, my last day in employment and the beginning of a seven year downward spiral in my health.

By May 2012, I was suffering the aftermath of two life threatening conditions; a retro-pharyngeal abscess which developed into osteomyelitis in my cervical vertebrae, causing two of my vertebrae to fuse. I was then diagnosed with the auto-immune conditions Psoriasis and arthritis.

Many people dismiss Psoriasis as an unsightly superficial dry, flaky skin problem. My experience during an acute phase was horrendous pain as if my skin was tearing when I moved, redness and heat as if I had been blanched in boiling water and making me shiver during a heat wave, an unbearable, ever-present and insatiable itch and the most mortifying shedding of my skin to such a rate that I needed to vacuum several times per day. I felt and looked hideous and people did stare.

The psoriatic arthritis caused burning pain when I stood up and made me walk with a limp, the fused vertebrae at times, caused bone-grinding pain which made it difficult to do even the most mundane tasks i.e. ironing or chopping vegetables. In addition to all of this, I developed stomach problems which necessitated a stomach biopsy. My consultant rheumatologist referred me for an MRI scan because X-rays had revealed that my spine was deteriorating and she felt I may require surgery to insert a metallic pin to support it.

It was devastating and frightening to now be considering spinal surgery. It was like my body was completely falling apart and there was nothing I could do. As anyone who is plunged into serious ill-health will know, quite apart from the physical effects it can also seriously depletes your energy, your spirit and your sense of self. I felt as if I had been fast forwarded into old age and felt myself to be diminished and diminishing.

Just when I thought things could not get any worse ... in July 2012, a bone marrow biopsy confirmed a consultant’s diagnosis of Asymptomatic Myeloma ... or to you and I, bone marrow cancer.

My husband and I were told that there was nothing we could do to halt the degenerative progress of this disease, the rogue cells would continue multiplying on their devastating havoc wreaking, path and meantime, I should change nothing about my life “have a family holiday” which I heard as “while you still can” were the words we both left the hospital with that day.

I felt utterly powerless as If I had been forcibly given a ticket for a train which would crash and I would be the fatality. For the first time in my life I could not see that light at the end of the tunnel.

I was gripped with fear. I couldn’t sleep. I began to contemplate how I was going to say goodbye to the ones I loved.

It was then that my sister Pauline called me and with nothing left to lose, I found myself taking the highly unusual step of putting my faith in music to heal me.

Indeed it was within the very first listening experience with Punit's Yaatri’s BrainHeart Music that I received a vision of health and of life that completely contradicted the poor physical state I was in and the diagnosis of cancer I had just been handed.

I was a ship about to be smashed on the rocks of a stormy sea. It was then that the notes and melodies of Punit's music shone out like a beacon of hope from a lighthouse. This music enabled me to navigate safely to shore.

It is truly remarkable to me that I might seek recourse to the wisdom of the ancients that is healing through music and vibrational energy. BrainHeart Music entered my life when I felt desperate about my health and future. Its remarkable composer effectively administered the most beautiful musical prescriptions to me. The music instantly helped my brain bypass the fear reflex and re-tuned my body and soul to a level which could only produce a state of rapid healing and restore me to vibrant good health. It also felt as if I was being shown that I could shift my focus and energy from fear and despair to optimism and joy.

Within 24 hours of my first individual session with Punit I slept through the night without snapping awake, for the first time in 7 years. Within three months, my Consultant Rheumatologist commented that my "joints were better than hers". I was cycling and hill-walking for the first time in years and my dearest friend (since Primary 1) Margaret, remarked that my "eyes were sparkling again and that she "felt as if she had her friend back".

My experience of Punit’s music is that it is, uniquely both soothing and energising. It is empowering and soul expanding. To me it is like a Divine flow of golden light which suffuses my person until I feel every cell and fibre to be rejuvenated. This sublime music can heal the emotional and the physical, whilst demanding nothing from the listener except a humble, gentle request to open the mind and heart to its truly miraculous possibilities.

On the 11th May 2015 my youngest daughters 16th birthday, I am completely free of pain, stiffness and signs of inflammation, my skin is clear all over and I feel healthier and more energised than I have in years.

All I did was listen to extraordinary music and that music, BrainHeart Music, actually saved my life.

Pauline's Story

My name is Pauline.

Since discovering BrainHeart Music nothing in my life has changed but everything has been transformed.

In July 2012 Katy was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated.

Having nursed my mum through terminal cancer, I was already running on reserve. I wondered just where I would find the energy and strength to get through this dark time.

Worst of all my two young nieces, Katy’s daughters, were far too young to lose their Mum.

I just felt like I was continually bracing myself, waiting for the next disaster.

All my life I had prayed for help for other people. But for myself I only ever asked for God to give me the strength to deal with the situation I was facing. But out of sheer desperation I did something I had never done before. I asked the Angels for help. I asked for a miracle.

A few days later, I picked up a brochure from the back of a church. It was the programme for The Festival of Spirituality and Peace. Only one event grabbed my attention ... the one about Music & Healing with music composer, Punit Yaatri. Excited but nervous, I telephoned Katy to tell her about it. Would I be able to persuade her to go? Something inside of me felt compelled to get Katy there.

It was the part about ancient civilisations and how they healed with music that resonated with me.

Perhaps this would help in some small way to make the next part of our lives more bearable? Maybe it would help to calm our fears and help to make the transition more peaceful? I really wasn’t sure what to expect but even a little help was better than nothing.

Katy’s physical health at that point was very restrictive. She had very little energy and although we always joked about me carrying the bags the sad reality was I had become more like a carer than a sister. We could no longer do anything spontaneously. Anything we did plan could and often was cancelled at the last minute due to her failing health. We would work out the routes with the least amount of walking, avoiding steps and there had to be somewhere we could stop for a coffee, which was really a euphemism for a rest. In addition to all this Katy was trying to come to terms mentally with her latest diagnosis. Suggesting a day out to Edinburgh was like asking her to climb a mountain. So I was quite shocked when she immediately said “yes, book it.” No hesitation.

This is when our journey with BrainHeartMusic began and our lives were changed forever. Although I did not realise it at the time my prayer had been answered. Just two weeks later I wrote the following in my diary.

The change in Katy is unbelievable. She has a glow and enthusiasm about her now. She looks the picture of health and happiness. It warms my heart to see her like this. Through her healing I feel better. I have my sister back.

What started out as something that I thought might help my sister has had a tremendous impact on me also. This was one of the totally unexpected benefits of discovering BrainHeartMusic. Yes there is the obvious joy that I have my sister back and all that worry has gone but I no longer live in fear as I used to.

All my life had been worrying about others. When the fear of losing Katy had been removed and after witnessing her incredible recovery, I found myself free to start thinking about myself and my life. The void within me was effortlessly replenished with feelings of love for myself. I can honestly say that this was a result of something beautiful within Punit’s prescriptive music.

I can now say I love myself and I wish that for everyone.

Breda - A Sister's Perspective

As a family we had already lost one sister to cancer and after Katy’s diagnosis we were facing the horror of losing another. We felt hopeless, terrified and fearful.

We could never in our wildest dreams have predicted that my sister Pauline’s discovery of BrainHeart Music would change all of our futures for the better. Punit and his BrainHeart Music gave us hope for the first time, particularly since we very quickly started to see physical symptoms vanish from Katy’s body within one listening experience of Punit’s prescriptive music. Katy made a miraculous recovery. For my family and I who closely witnessed this we know it was a miracle.

It was a miracle that took our family from a position of total hopelessness and despair to one of hope for the future.

We will always have a deep sense of gratitude towards Punit and BrianHeart Music as through him we got our sister back.

Breda (Katy & Pauline’s sister)